Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tragic Magic Rock Mix One: Underwater Girls

Here is a killer mix of absolutely great stuff.  More of these to come. Or you could come to a bar where I am playing records and experience this live.

 Tragic Magic One: Underwater Girls by Mike.Zorman

Underwater Girls

Due to popular demand, a tracklisting:

Alex Chilton- Hey! Little Child
Chris Stamey- The Summer Sun
Flamin Groovies- Sometimes
Prix- Love You Tonight (Saturday's Gone)
The Beach Boys- I Just Wasn't Made for these Times
Sex Clark Five- Girls of Somalia
Television Personalities- Jackanory Stories
The Clean- Getting Older
Shoes- Dance in Your Sleep
Tommy Keene- Landscape
20/20- Remember the Lightning
The Tweeds- Underwater Girl
The Lonely Boys- Where is the Sun
The Saints- Story of Love
Justin Love- Missile
The Soft Boys- Empty Girl
Spunky Onions- How I Lost my Virginity
The Feelies- It's Only Life

Allow me to apologize in advance for the Saints song being so quiet.


  1. i'm so old fashioned today - burning this to a c-d-r so i can listen to in my c-a-r

  2. I would like to make one of these mixes and dub it to 8 track at some point... You are going to need to get an older car to listen to it in.