Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Julian Leal "Mad About You/A Fantasy"

Whoa! I'm back! I needed to take a long break from this blog. I was feeling overwhelmed from the rush of fame and fortune I was experiencing. Everything was moving way too fast, I didn't feel like myself anymore. After several long hot baths I feel prepared to re-enter the blog-o-sphere with a red hot single that totally embodies the spirit of this blog. Julian Leal provides us with 2 perfect examples of teenage lust. Lust for love, lust for sex, lust for life. Julian channels all the energy of every experience feeling so new and exciting into 2 sides of bubblegum pop punk. Killer solos, the dude has insane long curly hair, and this appears to be a privately pressed record. It all adds up baby!

PS: I intend to start doing this regularly again. I also bought a new turntable so the annoying buzz should cease to exist from now on.