Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Song

 Glass House by Mike Zorman

New piece called Glass House.  It's about living in it.  Headphones required for proper enjoyment.

All processed guitar.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tragic Magic Rock Mix Two: I Hate Music

Another one of those great mixes of killer jams.  Got some byrdsy sounding stuff and punk and some new wave, maybe a little power pop and a glam rock tune or two.

The Numbers- I Can't Sleep at Night
The Resonars- I'll Keep it With Mine
The Choir- I'd Rather You Leave Me
The Byrds- What's Happening?!?!
The Soft Boys- The Queen of Eyes
The Ramones- I Want to Be Your Boyfriend
The Ejectors- Fade With the Summer
The Speedies- Time
Skids- Circus Games
New Musik- On Islands
Screams- Paper Dolls
Numbers- Sideways Elevator
Yachts- Yachting Type
Fingerprintz- Close Circuit Connection
Joey Wilson- My Car, Your Car
Young Canadians- I Hate Music
Protex- Strange Things
The Real Kids- Everyday is a Saturday
Tommy Rock- Dancing the Night Away
Johnny Palermo- Saturday Night
Hubble Bubble- Number Sixty-Four