Friday, June 10, 2011

The Cysts

The Cysts are only going to play a few more shows this July before we call it.  Here are some links to some of our releases.  We have copies of "The Cyst" for $7 shipped or $5 in person.  The "Public Release" 7 inch is still available from Eolian.

Thanks to James for actually preparing most of this post.

The Cysts "The Cyst" 7"
Seizure Palace, July 18, 2010
Side A: Quality Control, What's Wrong, Don't Fuck Up
Side B: Abortions Mandatory, Destroy Masters
Recorded in Portland at Smegma, Feb 2010

The Cysts "100 Feet to Greene" cassette
Self Released August 1, 2009
Side A: 100 Feet to Greene, Pure Hate (Poison Idea)
Recorded in Portland at our rehearsal space and Sticky Situation, Summer 2009

The Cysts "Destroy Masters" cassette Demo
Self Released January 1, 2009
Side A: Tear It Off, Islands of Dubai, Wreck My Life, Destroy Masters
Recorded in Portland at our rehearsal space late 2008

The Cysts "Public Release" 7"
Eolian Records, May 16, 2009
Side A: Human Garbage, Forced Entry, Alert, Out Cold
Side B: Worst Fears
Recorded in Portland by Scott Sloan, early 2009

Killer New Age Unsolved Mysteries Segment

Start the first video at 4:37, the segment carries over to the 2nd video.

A Pale Blue Dot

My friend Justin Kinnett has a new musical project brewing and he just released his first song accompanied by a music video that he also made.  I happened to provide the drums.  Check it out and make him famous.

Mike Zorman West Coast Tour

Doing a major west coast tour in a few weeks.  Here are the details:

June 21st
Oakland, CA @ East Nile (1510 Eight St. at Chester)
Stag Hare
7 Feathers Rainwater
Mike Zorman
DJ Psychic Handbook

June 25th
Los Angeles, CA @The Handbag Factory (1336 S. Grand Ave.)
Mike Zorman
Positive Shadow
Human Hands
Wrong Hole

June 30th
Portland, OR @ 5524 NE Cleveland
Sound installations by:
Maria Garcia
Betsy Pusack

Live performances by:
Wrong Hole
Hostile Makeover/Lavas Magmas
Mike Zorman

Here are a few new "demos" of parts of practice sets I've been recording...
  Froggy by Mike Zorman
  Uncomposed by Mike Zorman


Kind of forgot about this accidentally.  I feel awful!  I've got this mania and a really short attention span so I tend to focus my energy on one or two things at a time and eschew everything else.  Anyway, I'm just going free form on this blog now.  I'm going to post more 45's that are rippers, but also music I make and other things I am interested in.  I am hoping this way I will remember to actually keep this dude going.