Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eric Martin Band "Don't Stop"

Warning: This track smokes! I haven't exactly figured out what this song is actually about because that secret knowledge is buried deep beneath sexual innuendo. But it is getting me all worked up! Just kidding. Anyway, this song was merely a stepping stone to Eric's true destination, handling lead vocal duties for popular rock group Mr. Big. As I stand here banging my head to this song I see a thick cloud of fog. The music coming out of the speakers slowly clears the room and Eric's future comes into view, crystal clear. There was never any chance that Eric wouldn't end up behind the mic in front of thousands of crazed Japanese fans.

PS: I was initially drawn to this record because it has the same title as my favorite Franke and the Knockouts song, available elsewhere on this blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Buckinghams "Susan/Foreign Policy"

Let's keep this kind-of-psychedelic free ride going with some less wild but equally catchy leftist rock. First of all, I have to admit that this record is really fucking warped. It looks like the devil pinched it and his super hot fingers created a lump in the edge. So the beginnings of both songs suffer in varying amounts. Foreign Policy kind of gets mangled but what doesn't? Anyway, Susan is one hell of a JAM! These dudes don't waste one second before laying down a hundred and one extremely satisfying melodies. Impressive work! Foreign Policy seems to contain some seriously political content! It's about peace and war and hunger and pain and all this heavy stuff. It also contains all these strings and horns and those big drums that you hit with mallets in an orchestra. Plus at the end it gets really weird!

Daughters of Albion "Well Wired/Story of Sad"

Whoa! It's been a WHILE. My bad. Excuses, I've got plenty, but I digress. Get your ears ready for some ridiculously overproduced psychedelic pop. Not really trippy, but there is a whole lot of music going on here. Like 20 tracks per song. Many many instruments are played. This is starting to sound a little heavy, but Well Wired is really catchy and light as a feather and a total jam. You'll be singing it at the dismay of your peers for sure! The other song is intense. Try not to shed a tear.

I'm going with a simpler format here. Less classy scans of the records, but smaller files and thus faster to download.