Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Rider "Rock and Roll Kids/Ya Got What it Takes"

Allright. I'll be the first to admit this isn't the greatest thing that has ended up here. I guess Red Rider was fucking huge in Canada but could never crack the US market. Like they tried really hard and toured here alot and opened up for Rush, yet still no one gave a shit. I can understand why, the singer has this soulful voice that seems to be the main problem. The B side is horrible, but the A side has some killer lazer guitar work and I like the horns.

PS: These posts are coming up in a weird order because I made this foolish mistake. It won't happen again.

You know we gotta, gotta shake it up

The U.S. Apple Corps "Get High on Jesus"

This post is to make up for the Red Rider record. This song absolutely rules. It's soulful in the right way. It's so good it actually makes me want to get high on Jesus. I don't know how you do Jesus, smoke it or snort it or what, but we should get some and do it and listen to this song.

Notice initially the talent of the drummer, the panning of the dueling male/female vocals, the richness of the choir. They build it up and break it down. They sing as if speaking directly to god. The U.S. Apple Corp has got the goods.

When you're feeling sad and weary

Keith "98.6/The Teeny Bopper Song"

How insane is it to attempt a musical career under a totally common normal first name? Some people can pull that move off, but they have names that beg to be famous: Madonna, Prince, Sting... Plus this dude's name isn't even Keith, it's James. Anyway, this song is especially nice and pleasant. However, I think he is implying that love has cured him from some illness. Maybe he should think twice and talk to some of those people who pray instead of going to doctors. Some of those people go to jail for murder...

The love that is my medicine

Derek "Cinnamon/This is My Story"

Another legacy of creativity here. Another poorly conceived stab at glory. This guy's story is pretty sad. He had a few hits in the early/mid 60's under his "real" name Johnny Cymbal. Unfortunately his first career was put to rest as he was labeled a novelty singer for releasing a song that was a goof on Here Comes the Bride. A few years laster he wrote this hot number and released it under his younger brother's name, who happened to play in his band anyway. Lo and behold, Cinnamon rises to the top of the charts and the people demand to witness Derek perform live. I guess Johnny Cymbal was old or hideous or something because he just taught his brother to sing real fast and Derek went out on the road for a string of shows.

In the song Derek wants to screw this girl Cinnamon really bad. He'll do anything. Plus, he knows he's going to screw her eventually, so she should just really give up now.

You know I'm gonna get ya

The Keggs "To Find Out/Girl"

It's no secret that I absolutely love garage rock. The shittier the better! This record is a prime example of teenagers turning their fears and frustrations into something magic. It's sloppy as hell and angry. This record has a cool story, they originally pressed 300 copies then 225 copies were burned in a fire. The stuff of legends! Unfortunately the record has been bootlegged extensively and the record I own is a product of this despicable practice. Regardless, get drunk and turn this up really loud. Something good will happen.

I'm going around town telling lies

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Franke and the Knockouts "Don't Stop/Sweetheart"

Holy shit!! Franke can shred! This is some disgustingly catchy early 80's pop rock here. For some insane reason the executives at Millennium decided Sweetheart should be the single here while Don't Stop is the B side. Anyone with ears can tell that Don't Stop is the superior track. Sweetheart is ok, I guess, but for some other reason it climbed to #10 on the charts in it's day. Final notes: a quick google search will reveal how foxy Franke Previte is, and this band shares the home state of New Jersey with pop metal's bad boys Starz.

Say babe, are you for real?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nick Gilder "Hot Child in the City/Backstreet Noise"

A true masterpiece of disco metal. The A side tells the tale of a sexy underage street walker whom the narrator, eventually reveals his desire to have sex with. The B side is about a group of dudes who are rockers. I hear that! On a side note, Nick Gilder is Canadian and Hot Child in the City reached platinum single status even though the other song is undeniably more rad.

Rock and roll's electric boys

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Lordz "So We Jam/Miss Lucy"

Fuck! This is a beefy track. Totally killer. It's about a typical situation, being so bored you jam. If you haven't been there, get there. Also there is this. The B side is ok, nothing to tell your friends about. The Lordz were from Detroit. They jammed in the early 80s.

No place to go, no money to spend

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Starz "Cherry Baby/Rock Six Times"

Another total rocker. Allmusic says "Starz were a mid-'70s pop-metal band consisting of blah blah. They had several singles scrape the bottom ranges of the chart." I read that Cherry Baby is a prisoners lament for the sweet touch of a woman. This is a true gem because both sides rule!

You're Never Gonna Get Away From Me

Jason Didit "Sell Me Some Beer/You're Bringing Me Down"

A very rad 45. The A side is called "Sell Me Some Beer" and the B side is about hating cops. Doesn't get much more bad than that. The only information I can find is that this dude was from Washington and this record either came out in 1980 or 1982. More power rock to come shortly...

Sell Me Some Beer!