Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tragic Magic Five: Anything Could Happen

Great new mix guys.  I'm really loving all these songs.  Hopefully this can bring some joy into your lives and inspire you to create.  Some DIY postpunk, some Kiwi rock, some twee, some jangle, some American rock from the 80's, and one contemporary song.

Got to be smart while acting dumb

Television Personalities- Part Time Punks
Tronics- There Talking About Us
Blue Orchids- Bad Education
The Nerves- Many Roads to Follow
Young Marble Giants- Final Day
Orange Juice- Moscow
The Vaselines- Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Crystal Stilts- Prismatic Room
Black Tambourine- For Ex-Lovers Only
My Bloody Valentine- Honey Power
Pale Saints- Sight of You
The Clean- Anything Could Happen
The Bats- Block of Wood
The Go-Betweens- Streets of Your Town
The Jam- Life From a Window
The Church- The Unguarded Moment
Echo and The Bunnymen- Rescue
The Feelies- Raised Eyebrows
Game Theory- The Waist and the Knees
Guadalcanal Diary- Litany
Let's Active- Easy Does
Big Dipper- All Going Out Together

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