Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tragic Magic Four: Not Enough Girls in the World

Hot new mix fresh off my brain.  Actually, it took me forever to narrow down all the songs I have with the word girl in the title.  So please enjoy this carefully crafted masterpiece.

It's ok cause I am ugly too.

Bram Tchaikovsky- Girl of My Dreams
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- American Girl
Hawks- American Girls
Milk 'n' Cookies- Not Enough Girls (In the World)
Marshall Crenshaw- Cynical Girl
Vice Creams- Won't You Be My Girl
The Lonely Boys- Ugly Girl
The Ramones- You're Gonna Kill that Girl
Bad Sports- Teenage Girls
Prix- Girl
The Only Ones- Another Girl, Another Planet
Jumpers- Sick Girls
Red Cross- Clorox Girls
The Victims- High School Girls
The Undertones- Girls Don't Like Me
The Scruffs- Frozen Girls
Sex Clark Five- Detention Girls
John Thill- Girls of Meth
Television Personalities- Silly Girl
The Keggs- Girl
The Troggs- With a Girl Like You
Shoes- Every Girl
Big Star- I'm in Love With a Girl

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