Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tragic Magic Rock Mix Two: I Hate Music

Another one of those great mixes of killer jams.  Got some byrdsy sounding stuff and punk and some new wave, maybe a little power pop and a glam rock tune or two.

The Numbers- I Can't Sleep at Night
The Resonars- I'll Keep it With Mine
The Choir- I'd Rather You Leave Me
The Byrds- What's Happening?!?!
The Soft Boys- The Queen of Eyes
The Ramones- I Want to Be Your Boyfriend
The Ejectors- Fade With the Summer
The Speedies- Time
Skids- Circus Games
New Musik- On Islands
Screams- Paper Dolls
Numbers- Sideways Elevator
Yachts- Yachting Type
Fingerprintz- Close Circuit Connection
Joey Wilson- My Car, Your Car
Young Canadians- I Hate Music
Protex- Strange Things
The Real Kids- Everyday is a Saturday
Tommy Rock- Dancing the Night Away
Johnny Palermo- Saturday Night
Hubble Bubble- Number Sixty-Four

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