Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Want "Take it or Leave it/The End"

By request! This is another single I found on Mega City Records, home of Jason Didit and his classic "Sell Me Some Beer". I googled the hell out of this The Want record and came up with nothing. Well, there was a stoner metal band from DC called The Want in the 90's. Anyway, this is some interesting stuff here. Both songs are good. I apologize for the wicked skipping on the B side. There is a nasty gouge and this was the best I could do. I'm having a hard time describing this, it veers into all sorts of weird areas and the lyrical content only complicates things. I guess it is 80's pop with British leanings and ripping guitar? As I listen to this again I question why I get this Cure/Echo and the Bunnymen/Chameleons feeling but I do. Then the B side has these prog power rock parts... Totally confusing.

PS: The songwriting credits on this record and the Jason Didit record go to the same two people. And their names and weird. Kerri and Kelly Kristjanson.

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  1. yeah, these songs are hard to describe. i think the A side is strangely arousing.

  2. this band came out from Seattle and was formed by brothers Kerri & Kelly Kristjanson together with Randy Scott.

    check 'em out at


  3. Actually Kelly & Kerri are Brother and Sister, (Respectively) and I happen to be Kerri Kristjanson Pinkston Kelly is still very active in the Seattle music scene and we have plans to hit the studio again this summer. You can here some more of our music on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Want/315600912636?v=wall We appreciate your comments and I'm especially fond of the "Ripping American Guitar Work" since that's me...

    Kerri Pinkston (Kristjanson)