Thursday, June 25, 2009

Derek "Cinnamon/This is My Story"

Another legacy of creativity here. Another poorly conceived stab at glory. This guy's story is pretty sad. He had a few hits in the early/mid 60's under his "real" name Johnny Cymbal. Unfortunately his first career was put to rest as he was labeled a novelty singer for releasing a song that was a goof on Here Comes the Bride. A few years laster he wrote this hot number and released it under his younger brother's name, who happened to play in his band anyway. Lo and behold, Cinnamon rises to the top of the charts and the people demand to witness Derek perform live. I guess Johnny Cymbal was old or hideous or something because he just taught his brother to sing real fast and Derek went out on the road for a string of shows.

In the song Derek wants to screw this girl Cinnamon really bad. He'll do anything. Plus, he knows he's going to screw her eventually, so she should just really give up now.

You know I'm gonna get ya

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